Outreach Professionals

                     Outreach Contact And Commmunication Services


What We Do:  

Outbound Services

Appointment Setting, Lead Prospecting, Qualification and Generation, Webinar and Class Registration, Survey Calls and Basic Call Center Services

Research Services

Contact Acquisition,  List Building, Email Discovery, Industry Research, Prospect Building, Prospect Matching

Additional Services

Schedule Management, Document Preparation, Document Conversion, Email Campaigns, Script and Template Composition, Message Center, Email Monitoring and Response


An idea from experience

With over 30 years in the Outbound Services Industry, founder, Michelle Neumann had seen too many business owners turned away from being provided the professional help that they were looking for because they did not need a full volume call center, but just a professional or two to help through a seasonal campaign, starting their business, transitioning into a new division or just needed to pick things up.  Why weren't these people being helped?  After a discussion with best friend and partner Jodie Campbell, the two decided that they were going  to help those who asked for it, no matter how small the campaign, that the customer's needs would always come first and that they would let the customer decide what they needed and not force a package with a bunch of services that didn't apply to that business.  They wanted to make connections and not contacts.  They wanted their team to feel like family, they just wanted to do things the right way!  So they are!  Outreach Professionals, is an outreach services provider for anyone, no matter their business size, no matter how part time and short term the project is, that is willing to help.  They wanted to provide a service and not just have a job.  


Michelle Neumann

Founder and Managing Partner


A 35 year span in outreach and outreach management has prepared her to obtain results no matter what facet of outreach needed.

Jodie Campbell

Partner and Director of Operations

jodie4outreachpros@gmail.com  Experienced in Outreach, HR, recruiting and administration justifies her Director of Operations title.

Outreach Agent/Team Trainer


Dontae's versatility and ability makes him consistent in landing the results desired.

Ashley Mitchell

Research and Data Coordinator


Ashley's studies and experience in editing and data conversion/entry insures our contact to "your future customers"

Danielle Vairo

Outreach Agent


As a senior outreach agent, Danielle has focused on both outbound and inbound campaigns

Lisa Christensen

Outreach Coordinator


Senior Outreach Agent and "Appointment Setting" Genius Lisa also performs perfect document processing

Outreach Agent/List Generation


Bobbie Jo is rapidly increasing her experience level and training in list generation

Nathan Gengler 

List Generation


Nathan provides us with the proper information to insure that all agents are able to get in touch with your "Future Customers"

We are proud to feature some of our partners both past and present

Outreach Professionals                                                                                                                            outreachprofessionals@gmail.com


Appointment Setting                                    5.0  Rating

 ​May 2018 Michelle and her team did a phenomenal job for us. I definitely recommend them for appointment setting, personal assistant work, follow up calls, etc

                                                  R. Hackmann  Federal Employee Advocates

Sales Professional                                         5.0 Rating

 ​Feb 2018 - May 2018 Michelle is honest, proactive and a great communicator. She works very well independently and openly seeks feedback in order to improve job performance. I've enjoyed working with her and will definitely keep her in mind for future projects

                                                                    J. Clarke  BizM Solutions

Appointment Setting                                    5.0 Rating

● Nov 2017 - Jan 2018 Michelle is an asset to anyone who is starting or building a business. She is knowledgeable, professional and always follows through with promises. I recommend her to anyone looking for remote office staff

                                                        R. Adams Mass Mutual Insurance

Cold Calling                                                    5.0 Rating

  Dec 2017 - Jan 2018 Michelle was awesome! She follows directions to a "T" and then offers additional ideas and solutions as well. She even developed a better cold call script for us. She's definitely an asset and worth more than what she charges. Looking forward to working with her again.

                                                      J. Reeves  All American Guardian